Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Where are you located?

A.  Our dance studio is located on Green Valley Parkway and close to Sunset.  We are located between traffic lights of Shopway and High View Dr.  We are in building 2501 D.


Q.  Do you perform at festivals?  

A.  We perform at Hawaiian Festivals mainly Pure Aloha Festival in the spring and fall, and Ohana Festival in May.  We are invited to perform at other festivals such as Nevada's Dragon Boat Festival and community or church events.  We agree to perform at other festivals depending on our schedule for the year.  We do not perform on Sunday.


Q.  How much is your show?

A.  Pricing varies depending on when show is booked, arrival time, show time, location and the amount of guests present at the event.  Call us at 702-401-0656.


Q.  I would love to hire polynesian entertainment for my luau party but I have a small budget.  What can you offer?

A.  Popular Booking - Hibiscus Package: 1 Lei Greeter and 1 Ukelele player greet guests for 45 minutes at the entrance, then a 20 minute hula show.  Cost is $450.00(client supplies lei for guests).   


Q.  We have a small budget.  Will you bring a group for $50 pay?  

A.  Our cost per performer is $150.  One dancer can perform for 15 minutes.  Two dancers can hold a performance for 30 minutes at $300.  Three dancers = $450.  Please be considerate of our time, $50 will not work for 3 dancers.  We have to prepare #1. our costumes and ourselves, #2. for some, arrange a babysitter and #3. arrive at least 45 minutes to a show.  We are professional dancers, not beginning level dance students.  We bring our sound speaker(s) and our music guy and emcee person to help with our show.

Q.  How many drummers do you provide?

A.  Two Drummers with 3 tahitian drums.  (Please note, we do not use steel drums, we use polynesian drums)


Q.  Who emcees the show?

A.  HulaMama of LasVegasHula emcees the show.  If she is not present, the lead performer emcees the show. 


Q.  How does your show work?

A.  Depending on what is ordered.  The standard is emcee, dancers and recorded music.  The show starts with the emcee person greeting the audience then introduces the dances we'll perform. We have a set show program but sometimes we alter the show program to fit the party theme or guests.  We perform dances of Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, New Zealand and Samoa.  We change costumes frequently so please provide a change room.  A change room can be a corner away from traffic, a storage room, office or bedroom.  The restroom is not a change room.


Q.  How early do we need to book a show?

A.  2 weeks in advance is best. 


Q.  How do we pay for the show?

A.  You may pay cash, check or credit card.  When paying the remaining balance on the day of the show, we accept only cash or credit card.  3% transaction fee for debit or credit card payments.

Please read everything carefully on the Hula Show page before confirming with us.


Q.  When is payment due?

A.  A 50% Non-Refundable deposit is required to confirm the show.  We prefer deposit paid at least 2 weeks prior to show date.  The remaining balance is due upon arrival, cash preferred.  



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