Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Where are you located?

A.  Green Valley Pkwy and Sunset Rd.  (1 block south of Green Valley Library or Black Bear Diner)


Q.  Do you perform at festivals?  

A.  We perform at Hawaiian Festivals mainly Pure Aloha Festival in the spring and fall.  We are also invited to perform at community or church events.  We do not perform on Sunday.  video of Sept 29th 2017 Pure Aloha Festival show


Q.  How much is your show?

A.  Pricing varies depending on when show is booked, arrival time, show time, location and the amount of guests present at the event.  Call us at 702-401-0656.


Q.  I would love to hire polynesian entertainment for my luau party but I have a small budget.  What can you offer?

A.  1 Hula Dancer for a 15 minute hula show, includes audience participation - $150.00 (shows at the strip, convention center or downtown cost more).  


Q.  We are a senior home facility with a very small budget.  We will take dance students to perform.

A.  Dance students are not a guarantee to shows.  Pro Dancers are a guarantee to shows.  Please raise your budget for our services.


Q.  How many drummers do you provide?

A.  Two Drummers with 3 tahitian drums or One Drummer with 2 tahitian drums.  (Please note, we do not use steel drums, we use polynesian drums)


Q.  Who emcees the show?

A.  The owner/HulaMama.  If she is not present, the lead drummer emcees the show. 


Q.  How does your show work?

A.  The standard is emcee, dancers, recorded music and audience participation.  The show starts with the emceer greeting the audience then introduces the islands we will perform which could be Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, New Zealand and/or Samoa.  Our first dance is usually this hula - video.  This video shows the dance but the costume is a green ti leaf skirt and white tube top costume set.

We change costumes frequently so please provide a change room.  A change room can be a corner away from traffic(guests), a storage room or bedroom.  The restroom is not a change room.  


Q.  How early do we need to book a show?

A.  At least 30 days in advance is best to confirm a show with a deposit. From January to October we are extremely busy with shows.  


Q.  How do we pay for the show?

A.  You may pay cash, check, venmo or credit card.  There is a 3% transaction fee for debit or credit card payments.

Please read everything carefully on the Hula Show page before confirming with us.


Q.  When is payment due?

A.  A 50% Non-Refundable deposit is required to confirm the show.  We prefer deposit paid at least 2 weeks prior to show date.  The remaining balance is due upon arrival, cash preferred.  


Q.  Do you perform out of state?

A.  We can perform out of state/mainland.  Cost is about $1000 per performer.  A supervisor will travel as well whether it's for 1 hula girl or the whole team.  Supervisor also emcees the show.



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