Class Fees and Rules

New students pay $40 registration fee. 

Minimum class fee is $80 a month.

Total for new students for the first month is $120.


Your monthly class fee is $80 for 2 classes. 

Take hula and ori classes OR hula and maori/samoan dance OR ori and maori/samoan classes (2 classes).

 Your monthly fee will be $100 a month if you take hula, ori and maori/samoan dance (3 classes).


Classes offered will be posted in the Dance Classes page.

All classes posted on this website will be available on zoom for students.


We do not accept drop ins.  You like the class? then register.

 Will you be skipping a month of class?  Pay registration fee again upon your return.


 We accept the following form of payment - cash, check or zelle. 


Absolutely NO RECORDING in class.


To perform at shows or festivals you will have to be invited by the teacher.

All zoom students must show up to studio classes one month prior to be able to perform at shows.



Bring the following to class:  your best attitude, a water bottle and a hand towel.  

Wear a red sarong and black top.  Hair up in a bun, ponytail or braid.


 Te-Awhi uniform available

t-shirt $20, red sarong $15



young children's size (XS, S) $25, children's size (M) $35, adult size (L or XL) $45