Registration Fee - $50

...includes a red sarong and a Te-Awhi t-shirt

Hula Class - $40 a month 

Tahitian Dance Class - $40 a month

Hula and Tahitian Dance (Ori Tahiti) Classes - $80 a month

Studio Drop In - $20 for the hour **You must pay to try out the class.

We have Dance Instruction Videos!!  click here to view the list

 click on this link:  video sample of zoom and class


*Classes held only the first 3 weeks of each month*

When student pays for hula class, she can take all hula classes listed below for her age group.

The same applies for ori tahiti dance classes.

You have the flexibility to zoom in or attend class in the studio.




10-11am, Adult Hula

11-12n, Adult Ori Tahiti



4:45pm-6pm, Kids Hula

6-7pm, Kids/Teen Ori Tahiti

7-8pm, Adult Hula



5-6pm, Teen/Adult Hula for Beginners

6-7pm, Teen/Adult Hula 

7-8pm, Teen/Adult Ori Tahiti



5-6pm, Teen/Adult Hula

6-7pm, Teen/Adult Ori Tahiti

7-8pm, Private Class



Bring your best attitude, also bring a water bottle and a hand towel.

Wear a red sarong and black top.  Please put your hair up in a bun, pony tail or braid. 

Te-Awhi uniform for sale. adult size shirts only in XS, S, M, L, XL & 2XL

cap=$10, tank=$15, plain black racer back tank=$5, t-shirt=$20, hoodie=$40 & solid red sarong=$15.


Hula Island is located at 2501 N Green Valley Pkwy Ste 128D Henderson, NV 89014