Are you looking for a polynesian dance group?  I bring 25 years of polynesian entertainment.  My love for polynesian dance started when I was very young. Performing regularly began when I was 16 years old.  My first tahitian dance competition was at the age of 17.  I slowed down a lot and raised 6 beautiful children,  In 2006 I decided to teach polynesian dance.  In 2010 my teens and young adult dancers participated in tahitian dance competition and a few of us tried solo competition.  While in that mode of teaching and competing I had my 7th child and he is a dancer!  He steals the show all the time, that's how awesome he is!  We have had the most blessed opportunity to perform at corporate events, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, farewells, homecomings, funeral/memorial services, community parties and surprise parties.  My pro dancers perform hula, maori, ori tahiti, fijian and samoan dances. 

Our dance group is called Te-Awhi and we have about 70 perfomers..  My passion is teaching and performing polynesian dance.

We look forward to entertaining you and your guests.  Give us a call and book a show today! 

Mahalo for stopping by,   

Ms Myra 


HulaMama of LasVegasHula