Aloha and Welcome! 

I am a Rotuman born and raised in Fiji.  Dancing has been part of my life ever since I was very young.  I moved to America at age 10 and at age 15 I joined a hula school in Santa Clara, California.  At age 16 my family moved to Salt Lake City and I met an amazing neighbor, church friend and hula teacher Moana Allen.  She is the reason why I love hula.  I was tutored for 2 years by her.  At about the same time I joined a Polynesian Choir of about 80 members and a few of them created a dance group consisting of about 20 performers.  I was fortunate to learn Maori dance from the late Winton Ria, Hula from the late Clara Silva, Tahitian dance from 2 sisters Merehau Kamai and Tearo Matagi.  I also learned Samoan dances from Luana Philipoon.  I performed frequently with these 2 groups and I had a blast!  We competed once when I was 17 years old.  We, 8 young ladies came down to Las Vegas in 1991 and participated in a tahitian dance competition at Palace Station Hotel.  Performing and competing was the highlight of my teen years.

Fast forward several years later...  As a mom, I wanted the flexibility of working and being able to take care of my children.  Becoming a polynesian dance teacher and entertainer allowed me the flexibility of being able to raise my family.  It's been a very enjoyable journey sharing the polynesian culture and I look forward to making more cherished memeories.

Mahalo for stopping by,   

Ms Myra 


HulaMama of LasVegasHula