Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Where are you located?

A.  Hula Island is located at Green Valley Pkwy and Sunset Rd.  (1 block south of Green Valley Library and Black Bear Diner)


Q.  Do you perform at festivals?  

A.  We perform at Hawaiian Festivals once or twice a year.


Q.  Where do you perform at?

A.  Our dance students perform in the spring and fall at Pure Aloha Festival.  Sometimes we perform at other festivals or at community events.

B.  Our professional team have performed everywhere - backyards, banquet halls, schools, expos, trade shows, convention centers, hotels, beaches/lakes, and out of town.


Q.  How much is your show?

A.  Price varies depending on the type of party, when show is booked, arrival time, show time, location and the amount of guests present at the event. 


Q.  I would love to hire polynesian entertainment for my luau party but I have a small budget.  What can you offer?

A.  Minimum is $200 - Hula Mama Show Package or Kids Hula Workshop.


Q.  We are a senior home facility with a very small budget.  We will take dance students to perform.

A.  Dance students are not a guarantee.  Pro Dancers are a guarantee.   Please be advised we have saved shows because your free show cancelled.


Q.  How many drummers do you provide?

A.  Two Drummers play with 3 tahitian drums total.  (Please note, we do not use steel drums, we use polynesian drums)


Q.  Who emcees the show?

A.  The luau show director.  Luau Show Director supervises all performers, leads the show program, plays the music and emcees.  No dead spaces or long pauses.


Q.  How does your show work?

A.  Each show is customized.

Here is a basic show program based on the Sweet Aloha Show Package: 

Luau Show Director (LSD) greets the audience with "Aloha!" and then briefly talks about the show program.

Dancers enter the stage and perform to an upbeat Hawaiian hula song with implements. 

Two more upbeat hula songs are performed without implements.  The LSD might perform a solo to classic hula or auana(hula sung in Hawaiian).

Next is Hula Lessons/Audience Participation for about 7 minutes.  This part is lots of fun!!! Families enjoy seeing their loved ones dancing hula!

Hula Dancers are changing costumes while the Luau Show Director performs Maori long poi to a Maori song from New Zealand.

Hula Dancers return in Tahitian Dance costumes and perform for about 8 minutes.  We close the show with a finale dance with all dancers and audience.

Next is photos with the guests.  Total show time and photos with guests = about 35 minutes.


Q.  How early do we need to book a show?

A.  We prefer at least 60 days in advance to confirm a corporate show.  We prefer at least 30 days in advance for family parties.  


Q.  How do we pay for the show?

A.  You may pay cash, zelle, check, venmo or credit card.  There is a 3.5% transaction fee for debit or credit card and venmo payments.

Please read everything carefully on the Hula Show page before confirming with us.


Q.  When is payment due?

A.  Payment is due as soon as possible.  A 50% non-refundable deposit confirms our services(the show).  Remaining balance is due on the day of the show. 


Q.  Do you perform out of state?

A.  Yes.  There is a traveling fee.