LasVegasHula provides a Classy Show
A risque performance is not an option. We offer a clean, fun and family appropriate show.  
Hula girls wear modest costumes.  We perform traditional and modern style dances of polynesia. 
The songs and dances we perform are from the islands of Hawaii, New Zealand, and Tahiti.
Our Goal
We give you the best show possible.  Each show is custom made to suit your event. 
Stage Rehearsal 
95% of the time there is no need for a stage rehearsal.
If you'd like a dress/stage rehearsal before the show
we can do it at a cost depending on how long we're at the venue.
Back Yard Parties
We are willing to work with your space.   
We cannot dance on rocks/gravel.
We need the stage smooth, comfortable and most importantly safe for the hula dancer's bare feet.
Most cement floors are okay. Asphalt/parking lot requires a built stage.
It is very difficult for hula dancers to perform with shoes neither is it traditional.
To fit about 5 performers or just 1 fire knife dancer we need an area of about 15' X 21'. 
Guests cannot be close to a fire performer.
Change Room 
Shows longer than 30 minutes require a change room and close to the stage is best. The restroom is not a change room. 
For residential parties we'll take the casita, guest room, large laundry room, pool room or a clean garage (floor) to change costumes. 
We dance barefeet so please make sure that the changing room, and the path from changing room to stage area is clean with no debris.
Show Samples  
Live Musician
Our musician can sing Hawaiian and English hula songs with a guitar or ukulele.
He brings 40 years of experience in the entertainment world.
Fire Performers
Their presentation last 5 to 7 minutes.
Arrival Time for Performers
We arrive about 45 minutes prior to show start time.  For surprise parties we will wait outside until show time.
Show Start Time
We don't mind waiting a bit if show is delayed however after 30 minutes of waiting there will be an extra charge.

Booking a Show 
A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm a show.  
If paying with check, please send deposit 3 weeks prior to show date. 
We accept zelle, cash, company check or credit card.  
Debit or credit card payments will incur a 3.5% transaction fee.
All shows confirmed 3 days prior need to be paid in full.  
Although the deposit is non-refundable, you may reschedule the show up to 6 months out.
Contact Us 
Call or Text Myra at 702-401-0656 or email