Polynesian Dances are from Hawaii and the South Pacific Islands
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Hula is a dance accompanied by chant or song.  The chant or song is called a mele.  The hula dramatizes or comments on the mele. There are 2 common styles of hula that is taught, Kahiko(ancient) and Auana(modern).  The hula is a Polynesian dance by the Hawaiian people.  kahiko video by LasVegasHula



Tahitian dance (Ori Tahiti)

Tahitian dance is the most spectacular dance of the South Pacific and is a cultural representation of Tahiti.  Their dances are known as the tamure, ahuroa, aparima and otea.  Tahitians perform dances to drum beats as well as to string instruments that are upbeat or at a slower beat.



Maori dance with poi balls and sticks

From Aotearoa(New Zealand), Men and Women flutter their hands as they tell their story.  The native Maori women perform with long or short poi "balls" to keep their hands flexible for weaving.  'Poi' is the Maori word for ball on a cord.  The Maori stick dance is a popular game that is fun to learn, click here for a sample. The haka is a maori chant that was used long ago to psyche the warriors before battle and intimidate their enemy.  Today the haka is used in a welcome ceremony, a blessing or to tell a story.  Our maori warriors practicing for an event - video.



Polynesian dances

Polynesian dances are from the islands of Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand, Samoa, Rotuma, Tokelau, Fiji, Rapa Nui and many more in the South Pacific. 

LasVegasHula offers dance classes for hula, ori tahiti, maori, and samoan.