Class Fees

New students pay $40 registration fee. 

Monthly class fee is $80.

Total for new students for the first month is $120.


Your class fee is $80 a month for unlimited classes of hula and tahitian dance. 

Your class fee is $100 a month for 3 classes (hula, tahitian and maori).


Dance Class Schedule

Classes for ages 4 years and older


Class Rules 

 Will you be skipping 2 month of class?  Pay registration fee again upon your return.


 We accept the following form of payment - cash, check or zelle. 


NO RECORDING in class.


Performing at shows or festivals are not automatic. 

The dancer must be invited to perform by the teacher.



Bring the following to class:  your best attitude and a water bottle.

Wear a red sarong and black top.  Hair up in a bun, ponytail or braid.


 Te-Awhi uniform available

t-shirt $20, red sarong $15



little kid size $30, teen $40, adult $50.