Adopt a Lahaina Family
 The healing and recovery process for Lahaina families will take a long time.
For that reason we have started ADOPT A LAHAINA FAMILY program.
To bring joy, peace, comfort, healing and to build resilience in times of crisis.
The commitment is for a year but if they become a forever ohana (family), even better!
Check up on them monthly - call, text, mail a letter, email, zoom... are some ideas. 
Become their friend.  Listen to their hearts.   
Once you know them then you'll have ideas on how to proceed with your family. 
Your first assignment will be sending your family a Christmas present. 
The sky is the limit on what you'd like to do for your family. 
Those who have adopted a family have started caring for them. services Maui.  Gift cards are the easiest.
Each family's needs will be different.  Get to know them.  Pray for them.  Love them.
Once we give you their contact information, they become your family to watch over.

We are looking for kind and generous people to care for a Lahaina family.
This is a 1 year commitment.  Forever Ohana is the goal.
We hope that you will join us in adopting a Lahaina family.

If you are interested
please call or text 702-401-0656.  Myra 

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