Our MauiLahainaStrong Committee
Our mission is to "find the one". 
That one could be 50 families out of the 1000s.
Not all families are out on social media asking for help. 
Not all families want to blast their problems online. 
Some families want to grieve quietly. 
We want to bring them hope, love and progression. 
We have found a few and will continue searching for them.
We are here for the long haul. 
Healing will take many, many years.
After 808 we raised $500 in one week. 
Funds sent directly to a Lahaina family. Sent on 8/30/23
Thank you Channel 8 News for showing off Hula Island! Aired on 8/24/23
Our very first donation was from Roman I. of Las Vegas. Donated 8/24/23
Thank you paint students from our first Maui Fundraiser Night. 8/25/23.
 Thank you everyone for donating even all the way from Alberta, Canada.
The rest of the t-shirts were hand delivered to the Lahaina families early November.
We continue to donate to Lahaina families and they are very grateful.